Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast show no signs of turnaround as more homes worth less than purchase price: RP Data

An increasing percentage of recent Gold and Sunshine Coast home buyers would get less than what they paid for homes if they were to sell them now, according to the latest RP Data Value Accumulation report. The quarterly report compares the original purchase prices with the current estimated value of property as at June 2012 […]

Property investors will thrive in areas benefiting from LNG boom

One reason the simplistic “mining boom is over” rhetoric is causing so much concern is that many people don’t understand what’s driving the resources sector. Essentially all that’s happened is that prices for iron ore and coal have fallen off their peak. In the overall context of the resources revolution, which will extend beyond my […]

WA and Queensland housing markets to get demographic boost, but four years of cloudy skies for Victoria: BIS Shrapnel

Immigration trends, vacancy rates, housing undersupply and employment prospects all favour Queensland and Western Australia to lead the next phase of housing market growth over the next two to three years, according to BIS Shrapnel. But the stars are not lining up in Victoria, with BIS Shrapnel’s team of forecasters and economists tipping up to […]

NSW bargain-hunters looking for discounted central coast property could find gold

Buyers fossicking for discounted properties might strike gold on the NSW central coast. Or even gold bullion bars on Forresters Beach. Six months ago a good Samaritan beachcomber found a gold bar worth $18,000 on Forresters Beach and turned it into the police.  Although the bar had a serial number, the police were unable to […]

Opportunities for smaller investors with Noosa shops and suites from $800,000 to $2 million

Self-managed super funds and smaller commercial investors punting on a recovery in the Noosa property market could have an opportunity, with a number of shops on the Noosa retail strip listed for sale around the $2 million mark and under in a market that has been dormant for the past two years. Currently tenanted, the […]

Property investors guide to the suburbs dominated by tenants – highlighting private and government landlords

By Tim Lawless Friday, 20 July 2012 The proportion of dwellings that are rented has remained fairly consistent across Australia over the past decade, based on figures from the 2011 census. Rented dwellings comprised 27.6% of all occupied homes back in 2001; 10 years later the proportion had risen by only slightly more than one […]