Spike S-512 Panoramic Luxury Jet

In the design plans for an aircraft billed as the next-generation supersonic jet, passengers would be flown from New York to London in as little as three hours instead of six, and gaze at the sky in windowless cabins. The Spike S-512 will reach international destinations faster than any jet on the market and break […]

New Audi TT Coming in 2014

Audi has officially confirmed that the third generation of the iconic Audi TT will arrive in showrooms during 2014. The new model from the German car maker will be lighter, making it sportier than its predecessors and closing the gap with its main rival, the Porsche Boxster. Audi hopes to shave 60kg from the weight […]

Lamborghini Veneno Roadster unveiled

Lamborghini has unveiled the first details and images of the new Veneno Roadster. The Roadster is a convertible version of the Veneno coupe first revealed at the 2013 Geneva Motor show. The Roadster is virtually identical to the coupe with a 6.5-liter V-12 that produces 740 horsepower. It will go from 0-62 mph in just […]

Patek Philippe Releases Special-Edition Tiffany & Co. Watches

Harkening back to days when leading Swiss brands would often produce watches in conjunction with major retailers, Patek Philippe is celebrating its unusually long association with Tiffany & Co. with a pair of special-edition watches. A men’s Annual Calendar ($51,500) and a women’s Gondolo ($29,200) mark the fifth anniversary of the opening of the Patek Philippe boutique […]

Electrolux Sells $100,000 Kitchen Range

What does a $100,000 stove look like? Swedish appliance maker Electrolux’s Molteni range cooker comes with as many amenities an amateur chef could ever want, need or dream of — including a vacuum packer, fryer and even a food mixer if customers would like one. Each and every range cooker is made to order and […]

Pulsion – Technical, powerful and dynamic

The models in the Pulsion watch collection are distinguished by an absolutely unique sapphire crystal. It is screwed down and extends over the sides of the case to serve as a bezel, with numerals engraved beneath the crystal and enhanced with a luminescent material. Pulsion timepieces combine a dynamic touch and the strength expected from […]

Let there be Light: Festival of Lights, Lyon

The Lyon Festival of Lights is back and organisers are hoping this year’s event will be bigger and brighter than previous. The festival is one of the biggest urban events in the world. This year is the 14th anniversary and nearly three million visitors are expected to descend upon the city to see designers, artists, […]

An Innovative Wi-Fi Hotspot in the Heart of Paris : L’Escale Numérique

An updated small scale version of the suspended gardens of Babylon can be admired these days in Paris. French designer, Mathieu Lehanneur developed an outstanding concept and placed it in the shelter of culture, romance and exquisiteness, the capital of eternal love. A masterpiece in terms of execution, L’Escale Numérique is the perfect example that nature and technology work […]

“Hole in One” Luxury Suite

Hole in One is a project for golf lovers. The concept of the design is based on the idea that golf is part of a lifestyle and needs a special space. The project was conceived and designed for a specific and sophisticated target that loves the outdoors and a particular kind of luxury. The design aimed […]

Virgin Upper Class Lounge at JFK by Slade Architecture

Project: Virgin Upper Class Lounge Location: JFK Airport, New York Design: Slade Architecture Photography: Anton Stark Description from Slade Architecture: The lounge was designed to provide the relaxed luxury that Virgin’s Upper Class passengers expect with a warm and distinctly Uptown Manhattan feel. The 10,000sf Clubhouse is bounded on two sides full height expansive views over […]


It’s like going to a Gold Class cinema and having it all to yourself – plus you can pause the movie while you get another Coke and popcorn top-up. A simple TV just doesn’t suffice for a lot of home owners these days. Many enthusiasts will buy a large LED TV and an expensive sound […]

Automobili Lamborghini’s photostream

Automobili Lamborghini’s photostream

Hennessey Venom GT 8

This car is stupid fast. A light weight chassis combined with 1200 bhp and mid engine rear wheel drive layout, sounds perfect. Check out AWESOMOBILE for more pics of The Bugatti Veyron Killer

NASA Unveils Future Aircraft Designs: Stunning Models

Three industry teams spent 2011 studying how to meet NASA’s goals for making future aircraft burn 50 percent less fuel than aircraft that entered service in 1998, emit 75 percent fewer harmful emissions; and shrink the size of geographic areas affected by objectionable airport noise by 83 percent. (NASA) Lockheed Martin’s advanced vehicle concept proposes […]

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter JetVan

Becker JetVan™ Luxury Transports are created with the same objectives employed in the most advanced private aircraft; offering maximum interior spacious, luxury, comfort and utility. More Interiors>>

2012 Bugatti Veyron Sport Brown

Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse makes its debut in Geneva. In contrast to “standard” Grand Sport Roadster, which gets rid of a 1001-horse version of the 8.0-liter W16 quad-turbo engine uses the latest open top Veyron variant.

Stealth 2 Wing Suit by Phoenix Fly

Stealth 2 Wing Suit by Phoenix Fly Via Jay Mug

Bodum Coffee & Tea maker by Sunny Ting Wai Wong

Sunny Ting Wai Wong’s Bodum Coffee and Tea Maker concept is the “open kitchen” design of coffee and tea brewers. Each borosilicate glass sphere houses water, the heating element in the form of a band and a beverage filter. With as little as four steps, making that cup of joe or tea has suddenly appears […]

Open Field iPad magazine for Care

Open Field is an annual iPad magazine. Twenty-eight remarkable women share personal stories – some written, some visual – about transforming moments. From meeting nuns in Israel to creating Afghan Idol, from a summer without speech to a life without cigarettes, these stories are witty, wise and fearless. All proceeds go to assisting women in developing […]

Transparent Bubble Tent

French designer Pierre Stephane Dumas has invented the see-through BubbleTree pressurized tent, which provides you with a 360° view of nature’s incredible scenic views (more pictures here). Check out more pictures of the Transparent Bubble Tent. Via Enpundit

Hydrofloors Movable Pool Floors

Hydrofloors Movable Pool Floors Via Jay Mug

Compact Kitchen by Snaidero

The project stems from the profound reflection imposed by the radical changes in living needs and the difficult global economic trend: as a result, the design research began to focus on more accessible solutions that are easier to design, customise, purchase and inhabit. Though seemingly straightforward, this concept required a huge effort within the company […]