Westfield Group goes to Rio

RETAIL property giant Westfield Group is eyeing a share in a $US1.5 billion ($1.64bn) project in the state of Rio de Janeiro as it looks to reignite its business in the high-growth emerging nation of Brazil. The Australian group has teamed with local heavyweights Related Brasil, BNCorp and Bueno Netto to pitch a plan to […]

Twin Residences in São Paulo, Brazil

Project: Twin residences (a large rain-forest reserve neighboring the beach of Baleia was considered as the perfect location for this modern project) Location: the northern coast of São Paulo, Brazil Architecture and design: Studio Arthur Casas According to the architects: “the four buildings which make up the property were positioned diagonally on a small plot of land, mimicking […]

Drucker complete AM House in Brazil

Project: AM House Location: São Paulo, Brazil Architecture: Drucker Arquitetura Photography: Leonardo Finotti Source: Contemporist

Contemporary Residential Design in Brazil

Project: JPGN Residence Location: Brasília, Brazil Architecture: Danilo Matoso Macedo Photography: Joana França Source: Contemporist

Welcoming house in Chile showcasing charming rustic details

Project: Ranco House Location: Lago Ranco, Chile Architecture and Design: Elton+Leniz Arquitectos Asociados Ranco House is a modern residence with an original architecture. Built around various native trees, the project is well adapted to its natural surroundings and makes the most of the privileged site. The house is composed of two volumes connected by a bridge, resulting in […]

Two Homes in Luque by BAUEN in Paraguay

Project: Two homes Location: Luque, Paraguay Architecture: BAUEN Photography: Marcelo Jiménez and Monica Matiauda Project description: “In this project the search for a protected human space that suits to the topography, the vegetation, the tropical climate, and where people find comfort in the broadest sense of the word; takes us to propose a vindication of the knowledge […]

The Rock House by UN Arquitectura in Chile

Project: The Rock House Location: Rocas Santo Domingo, Chile Architecture and Design: UN Arquitectura Defying the windy climate, the Rock House was designed as a sturdy beach resort, perfect for summer family getaways. The exterior of the residence showcases an intriguing junction of shapes and volumes, inspiring soberness due to the color choice and functionality, as the result of […]

Luxury Bahia House in Brazil

Project: Bahia House Location: Salvador, Brazil Architecture: Studio MK27 have designed the Bahia House project. The luxury single-storey property can be found in Salvador, Brazil. Photography: Nelson Kon According to the architects: “The contemporary Brazilian property is an ecological house. But, not in the technological sense, not in the contemporary sense of the word ‘sustainability’, it does not have the very […]

Broad Contemporary House Mixing Natural Materials

Project: La Dehesa House Location: Chile Architecture: Elton + leniz Arquitectos Asociados Demanding contemporary projects require hard work and brilliant ideas . La Dehesa House, located in the captivating country of Chile is a modern piece of fine architecture. The project, developed by the brave architecture company Elton + leniz Arquitectos Asociados, headquarted in Santiago, has been completed in […]

Tierra Patagonia Hotel & Spa in Torres del Paine, Chile

Project: Tierra Patagonia Hotel & Spa Location: Torres del Paine, Chile Source: Contemporist

Japanese Architecture Inspires Family Residence in Chile: MJ House

Project: MJ house Location: San Manuel, Melipilla, Chile Architecture: COMUNarquitectos Embedded in the landscape of San Manuel, Melipilla, Chile, MJ house was envisioned by COMUNarquitectos and comes with a surprising interior and exterior appearance. The residence was especially developed for a family of engineers and their two children and has a total surface of 145 square meters. According to the […]

Fray León House by 57STUDIO in Chile

Project: Fray León house Location: Santiago, Chile Architecture: 57STUDIO Description from the architect: The house is located in a district in the east area of Santiago, and one of its characteristics is the presence of old trees. The spaces are organized in an “H” shaped plant adapted to the lot, having great care for the trees and creating […]

Toblerone House by Studio mk27

Project: Toblerone House Architecture: Studio mk27 – Marcio Kogan + Diana Radomysler Location: São Paulo, Brazil Photography: Nelson Kon Source: CONTEMPORIST

All Saints Chapel by Gustavo Penna

Project: All Saints Chapel Architecture: Gustavo Penna, Laura Penna, Norberto Bambozzi, Alice Flores, Alyne Ferreira, Catarina Hermanny, Natália Ponciano, Priscila Dias de Araújo, Vivian Hunnicutt Management and Planning: Isabela Tolentino and Rísia Botrel Location: Martinho Campos – Minas Gerais, Brazil Projected area: 160m² Photos: Leonardo Finotti Description from Gustavo Penna First, the baptismal font. A source […]

V4 House by Marcio Kogan’s Studio MK27

Project: V4 house Architecture: Marcio Kogan’s Studio MK27 Location: São Paulo, Brazil The house has been nominated under the House category of the 2012 World Architecture Festival CONTEMPORIST

Marcio Kogan’s StudioMK27 designed the Ipês house in São Paulo, Brazil

Ten years ago, when StudioMK27 tried to do a project using exposed concrete, many builders said that this was practically impossible. Yeah, Right – Brazil that has a vast modern tradition in the use of raw concrete? During a determinate period, in the 90′s, the use of the material declined sharply, restricted to the few […]


Grecia House is located on a corner plot featuring 4.830 sq m in a residential area in São Paulo, Brazil. The client wanted a house where he could enjoy the company of his kids and many friends intensely. For that purpose, he asked for ample and various entertaining areas, such as a cinema room, a […]