Contemporary Brick Cube Kibuts House in Israel

Project: Kibuts House Location: Lehavot Haviva kibbutz, Israel Architecture: Sharon Neuman Architects A small family of two – father and son – are happy to call the modern Kibuts House their home. Living in this modern home in Israel’s Lehavot Haviva kibbutz, is like continuously taking advantage of contemporary design that inspires their daily routine. Occupying 190 square meters on a […]

House K by Auerbach Halevy Architects in Israel

Project: House K Location: rural Israel Architecture: Auerbach Halevy Architects Project description from the architects: “In a rural area in the center of Israel, Auerbach-Halevy has designed a unique house:  at first glance it is not recognized as residential, and even at a second one it is difficult to distinguish what is it used for. The […]

Beautiful Wooden Details Embellishing Tel Aviv Apartment

Project: Rothschild 1 apartment Location: Tel Aviv, Israel Architecture: Charles Zana ‘Attention to details’ is the concept that properly defines the Rothschild 1 apartment in Tel Aviv, designed by Charles Zana. Beautiful, spacious and ‘on the top of the world’, the Rothschild 1 penthouse offers some of the most spectacular views upon a city that never tires from […]

House in Ramat Hasharon by Levy:Chamizer Architects

Architecture: Levy:Chamizer Architects Location: Ramat Hasharon, Israel Photography: Shai Epstein Source: Contemporist

Contemporary K-House in Israel by Paz Gersh Architects

Project: K-House Location: Ramat HaSharon, Israel Architecture: Paz Gersh Architects Photography: Amit Giron Description from the architects: In planning K-house, the main concept was to change the existing orientation into a house that creates a complex relationship with the green belt surrounding it—the thicket behind the house, the front yard, the lower leveled yard, upper level garden […]

Jaffa Apartment by Pitsou Kedem Architect

Architecture: Pitsou Kedem Architect Location: Jaffa, Israel Photography: Amit Geron Description from Pitsou Kedem Architect The 100 square meter residential home is located in Old Jaffa. Its location is unique in that it is set above the harbor, facing west with all of its openings facing the majestic splendor of the Mediterranean Sea. Whilst it is […]