Serenity and Luxury Defining the Pristine Villa Bianca in Italy


An enriching life is filled with love from family and friends, new acquaintances with whom to share experience and travel experiences. We all know that traveling makes us smarter and offers unique memories to rely on when you feel the need to escape from everyday routine. Italy is a wonderful place to visit, comprising history and modernity in a fascinating culture. If you’re looking for serenity and relaxation, the wonderful Villa Bianca in Apulia, Italy, awaits your arrival.


Showcasing large open spaces constructing an inviting collection of interiors, the immaculate villa visually explores its surroundings. Perched on the hills of Santa Maria di Leuca, the luxurious resort villa on Leo Trippi contrasts its vividly green surroundings with a contemporary white architecture. You can experience how much bright, cheery living and entertaining spaces can change your mood and how fast you can bounce back to a relaxed state of mind after enjoying a custom designed experience.

Seamlessly connected to outdoor terraces that gather inspiring panoramas of the Adriatic and Ionian seas, the interiors are basked in natural light bouncing off pure white walls. Outside, an incredible pool soothes your eyes and invites you to indulge in a luxurious collection of moments. Finish off with an outdoor shower and head inside for some cooling off. Here, each space was designed to convey unique feelings of wellness, just as you would expect from a luxury villa in Italy. Decorations and furniture items were carefully chosen to convey a feeling of deep relaxation within an inspiring setting:

“The enclosed pool area contains a large pool, children pool and jacuzzi, bar, and authentic wood fired pizza oven bbq framed by comfortably shaded lounge seating.  Calm whites and natural colors limestone accented by harmonizing wood and natural colors provide an exciting scheme, white facilities and services provided are of the highest specifications.”

Villa-Bianca-in-Apulia-Italy-12 Villa-Bianca-in-Apulia-Italy-13 Villa-Bianca-in-Apulia-Italy-4 Villa-Bianca-in-Apulia-Italy-5 Villa-Bianca-in-Apulia-Italy-6 Villa-Bianca-in-Apulia-Italy-7 Villa-Bianca-in-Apulia-Italy-8 Villa-Bianca-in-Apulia-Italy-9 Villa-Bianca-in-Apulia-Italy-10 Villa-Bianca-in-Apulia-Italy-11

Source: Pursuitist

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