Daily Dream Home: Nautica Vista


Caught between lakeside panoramas and hillside views, this luxury dream home explores an awe-inspiring 220º panoramic view of the surroundings. Designed by architect Loren Harms, the luxurious residence boasts a cluster of spaces meant to offer privacy and a collection of stunning outdoor spaces bringing tranquility in focus. Known as Nautica Vista, the lake house showcases fine details in both architecture and design.

Overlooking Okanagan Lake in British Columbia, this dream home is nestled among vineyards and wineries of a young wine region. Its closeness to summer and winter sports destinations make it ideal for vacations, while its design anchors your lifestyle into a peaceful set of surroundings. With its private dock and impressive landscape to enjoy, the dream home rests under the clear blue skies during the summer months, becoming a powder snow covered dreamland in the winter.

Nautica-Vista-13 Nautica-Vista-14 Nautica-Vista-15 Nautica-Vista-3 Nautica-Vista-4 Nautica-Vista-5 Nautica-Vista-6 Nautica-Vista-16 Nautica-Vista-18 Nautica-Vista-7 Nautica-Vista-19 Nautica-Vista-8 Nautica-Vista-9 Nautica-Vista-20 Nautica-Vista-10 Nautica-Vista-21 Nautica-Vista-11 Nautica-Vista-23 Nautica-Vista-12 Nautica-Vista-25 Nautica-Vista-2

Source: Pursuitist

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