Mystical Collection of Indoor and Outdoor Spaces: Constance Lémuria Seychelles


Here is how the staff invites you to indulge in their carefully prepared heaven: “Experience the ultimate lifestyle hotel at the 5-star Constance Lémuria in the Seychelles. Enjoy the elegant luxury of the spacious suites and villas with views over the Indian Ocean. Unwind in swimming pools seemingly crafted by nature and let us indulge your passion for fine food, ultimate comfort and joyful excitement. Fully trained coordinators at the Constance Kids’ Club will lead your children to trips of island exploration, culinary activities, scavenger hunts to name a few. Treat your senses at Spa de Constance or reconnect with your playful side on our 18-hole golf course, diving our stunning granite reef or enjoying the watersports and other activities on offer.”


Materials like wood, stone, pink granite, marble and thatched palm Lémuria compose an inspiring sequence of indoor and outdoor spaces that blend in with the surrounding nature. Guests can choose to stay in the Junior Suites placed just 15 meters from the shore or in the Senior Suites boasting a bedroom, bathroom with Jacuzzi, extra shower room and lounge with desk, dining table and seating area.

The 8 luxurious beachside villas offer direct access to the beach and surprise guests with an al-fresco dining area right in the middle of the swimming pool. The Presidential Villa showcases 3 suites, 3 multi-level swimming pools, staff, a chef and security, so you will feel just like royalty: happy and protected. This amazing accommodation unit comes with an open-air bathroom complete with Jacuzzi, sauna and steam bath. Both the Luxurious Villas and the Presidential Villa have a personal relaxation and massage pavilion and private chef service or in-villa barbeque available on request.

Is there anything else you would desire?


Looking for an elegant place in the Seychelles to spend your upcoming vacation? Then look no further than the luxurious Constance Lémuria Seychelles. This cluster of resort villas and suites boasts terraces floating above the water of Anse Kerlan, Praslin and splendid Indian Ocean panoramas. Surrounded by luxuriant vegetation, the 5-star Constance Lémuria in the Seychelles will leave you breathless the first time you see it.

Constance-Lémuria-Seychelles-311 Constance-Lémuria-Seychelles-331 Constance-Lémuria-Seychelles-131 Constance-Lémuria-Seychelles-141 Constance-Lémuria-Seychelles-351 Constance-Lémuria-Seychelles-151 Constance-Lémuria-Seychelles-371 Constance-Lémuria-Seychelles-161 Constance-Lémuria-Seychelles-171 Constance-Lémuria-Seychelles-391 Constance-Lémuria-Seychelles-181 Constance-Lémuria-Seychelles-421 Constance-Lémuria-Seychelles-201 Constance-Lémuria-Seychelles-441 Constance-Lémuria-Seychelles-251 Constance-Lémuria-Seychelles-271 Constance-Lémuria-Seychelles-291 Constance-Lémuria-Seychelles-310 Constance-Lémuria-Seychelles-410 Constance-Lémuria-Seychelles-510 Constance-Lémuria-Seychelles-68 Constance-Lémuria-Seychelles-71 Constance-Lémuria-Seychelles-81 Constance-Lémuria-Seychelles-91 Constance-Lémuria-Seychelles-101 Constance-Lémuria-Seychelles-111

Source: Pursuitist

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